Bahria Heights Karachi Latest Progress Update

Bahria Heights is a unique community concept that offers luxury environment in a fully integrated lifestyle. Modern and chic 2 bedroom apartments in Bahria Heights are suitable for all kinds of families, and provide an easy access to all lifestyle facilities such as commercial areas, gym, spa, restaurants, mini-golf and much more.

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  1. ashraf jamal says:

    like to know when bahria heights will be completed for possession

  2. Mohammed Razi uddin says:

    I m interested in Bahria Appatment, 2,3 or 4Bedroom Appartment.

  3. Nadeem Sehgal says:

    I m very much interested in the investment in BT.
    I want to be updated with the developments,.

  4. Maqsood Ahmed says:

    Any restoration plan of 2 beds heights.we have deposited 5 installments and our file status blocked. We r ready to depoist all out standing installments…plz do our favour…

  5. Shahid Mahmoud says:

    Please send me the option of available apartments for a quick reservation

  6. anwar baig says:

    Rqst adv total cost of 2bed bahria heights 1100 sqr ft btk,charges such as full amount paid/unpaid/trfr fee/profit dmand/utility,possession,maint/tax fbr and commission of real state to enable me to decide.Also please advise precinct.Thanks

  7. anwar baig says:

    Rqst adv total cost of bahria heights btk 2bed aptmnt 1100 sqr ft inclu all charges full installments,trfr fee,profit demand by orig allote,tax fbr,utility,possession,maint chrgs,commission of real state and precinct of above also mode of payment.Thanks

  8. anwar baig says:

    re btk bahria hleights 2bed 1100 sqr ft new launches booking,rqst adv if I pay cost is it ok adv ttl cost to pay and mode of payment,I meanaddress for pay orders.Futher info date of completion/possession.Thanks

  9. JohanNeil says:

    the most embarrassing moment of the life is when you have to buy a home and you are not you have the chance to be a part of one of the best housing scheme at the very prime location of the city.

  10. Ashraf jamal says:

    When they will be ready
    Whats is todays sale price

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